Sunday, May 10, 2009

Release Day This Wednesday!

I'm so excited that A MAN FOR THE SUMMER will be released this Wednesday, May 13th!

I just received my print copies in the mail, and holding my first novel in my hands was a thrill that I'll never forget. I gave copies to all the members of my critique group, because the words in my dedication have never been more true:

To Lynn, Lisa, Trish & Cyndy
I wouldn't be here without you!

My friend Lynn reminded me that this was the first story of mine she ever read - and that was quite some time ago. What with publishing being the complex and sometimes slow-moving beast that it is, i wrote the first draft of this story long before it saw publication.

Many things have changed since then. My kids have grown up some, as have I. I have continued to work hard at my craft, and I hope it shows in the results of all those revisions. I still enjoy the characters in this book - small-town dentist Junior Atkinson, with her questionable fashion sense and tarnished reputation, and urban bad-boy writer Griff Ross.