Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 Stars from Rites of Romance Reviews

My first review!

Thank you so much to Val Pearson of Rites of Romance Reviews for her review of Along for the Ride.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sixteen Things

Fellow Wild Rose author April Vine tagged me for this meme - sixteen things about me :) So here goes:

1. I'm named after my grandmother
2. I'm 100% Polish/Czech
3. I much prefer salty to sweet - give me Fritos over ice cream any day!
4. I have had the same car for eleven years, since my kids were in car seats
5. My dog is nearly as old as my son - fifteen! And going strong, thank heavens, because we love her dearly...
6. I like to read at least three books at a time
7. I waitressed for seven years, an experience that taught me humility and juggling
8. I make the world's best popcorn - on the stove, with lots of butter
9. I also make terrific scrambled eggs and homemade salsa
10. My favorite rose is "Sultry," which is a lovely pale orange
11. The best vacation I ever took was to Tahiti, for my tenth anniversary
12. I can do eleven push-ups in a row
13. My father has published lots of non-fiction books and my brother is an award-winning novelist
14. If I could live anywhere besides Northern California, it would be in New York City
15. My favorite TV show of all time was Six Feet Under
16. I'm plotting a novel about a woman who can start fires with her mind! :)