Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sixteen Things

Fellow Wild Rose author April Vine tagged me for this meme - sixteen things about me :) So here goes:

1. I'm named after my grandmother
2. I'm 100% Polish/Czech
3. I much prefer salty to sweet - give me Fritos over ice cream any day!
4. I have had the same car for eleven years, since my kids were in car seats
5. My dog is nearly as old as my son - fifteen! And going strong, thank heavens, because we love her dearly...
6. I like to read at least three books at a time
7. I waitressed for seven years, an experience that taught me humility and juggling
8. I make the world's best popcorn - on the stove, with lots of butter
9. I also make terrific scrambled eggs and homemade salsa
10. My favorite rose is "Sultry," which is a lovely pale orange
11. The best vacation I ever took was to Tahiti, for my tenth anniversary
12. I can do eleven push-ups in a row
13. My father has published lots of non-fiction books and my brother is an award-winning novelist
14. If I could live anywhere besides Northern California, it would be in New York City
15. My favorite TV show of all time was Six Feet Under
16. I'm plotting a novel about a woman who can start fires with her mind! :)

1 comment:

April Vine said...

Thanks for playing along. That’s a great list.
Oh, I make popcorn on the stove too, my children just love it.
Writing definitely runs in your family. That’s awesome!