Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TGFH (Thank God For Husbands)

Saturday was special around here. My critique group had promised to read my new manuscript for me, and what's more, to review and edit it in two days. I emailed it Friday morning, and as a thank you I invited them and their families to dinner Saturday night.

When you finish a manuscript, there's a strange feeling of suddenly having your days back. It can be a little overwhelming, honestly. For months, I've been getting up every morning to my book, and tucking it in at night before I retreat, bleary-eyed, to my own bed. Soon there will be revisions, but there is a little pause in-between when your time is your own.

I used the time to clean the house (aack- writers don't make the best housekeepers) and cook. The appointed hour came. Everyone arrived. The kids - all friends - ran off to do their own things. Cocktails were poured. And then, like some sort of fifties cocktail party, the ladies repaired to the patio table and the gents went off to the barbecue grill.

And stayed there. For over an an hour. While my friends went through their revisions with me. While we talked earnestly, the guys fixed dinner, fed the kids, cleaned up, re-set the table fore the adults, and kept our drinks refreshed.

If you ask me, our men are aces. Sometimes a real man is the one who steps into the background and keeps everything running so we authors have the chance to do what we do. We love you guys!

So here's a toast to Bob, Jim, & Bob!!!

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