Monday, September 22, 2008


Today I received my galley for A MAN FOR THE SUMMER. I'll make a little confession here: I only learned what galleys were about a year ago - and until today I had never seen one of the beasts.

Galleys are simply the print-ready final version of a manuscript. It's the author's last chance to find and correct errors after the editors have gone through and made their own changes and the book has been formatted. Ideally, there should be very few errors to find, as many pairs of eyes have seen the work by this point, but my editor tells me that there is always something to fix.

Some editors send them out in hard copy. Wild Rose does them electronically, in a .pdf file. The responsibility for accuracy at the galley stage rests with the author - so I need to devote myself to this task with fresh eyes and caffeine - a project for the morning.

A friend reminded me over the weekend that we authors must remember to celebrate every step of our journey. It is in that spirit that I intend to enjoy my own personal Galley Day!

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