Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Met My Editor!

I had a great thrill last weekend at a writers' conference - I finally met my editor in person!

Cindy Davis is the editor who worked on A MAN FOR THE SUMMER, my contemporary romance that will be out next May. She has an eagle eye for typos and those other little mistakes that somehow creep into every manuscript...and she also helped me correct some story problems and generally knock the manuscript into shape. The final product - the book we all dream of holding in our hands one day - depends on so many people for its success, and it's my pleasure to be working with such professional, capable and just-plain-nice people.

When you work alone at a desk, communicating with people by email is often your main way to get to know your colleagues. But it's always a thrill to finally meet them in person, to put a face with the name, to be able to thank them in person for all their hard work on your behalf. When Cindy turned to me at a crowded banquet and pointed to her name tag, I was so excited!

Cindy runs a professional editing service - you can check it out here. Thanks for all your help, CD!!!!

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