Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sister ESP

I have two siblings and each is a blessing. My brother is a fellow writer, and he and I encourage each other and critique each other's work and even attend writing seminars together, which is nice because he lives so far away.

My sister and I live half an hour from each other so we get to see each other a lot more often. Yesterday I stopped by for a visit because I was in the neighborhood visiting a friend.

On the surface, our lives seem pretty different. I'm a suburban housewife who spends her days carpooling and going to Costco in my minivan. My sister's a single urban hipster who has a great apartment with a view of the city, a fast-paced job in Marin County, and a ton of great ethnic restaurant steps from her front door. (Do I sound a little jealous?) Her nod to domesticity is a bevy of houseplants that are taking over the place.

Anyway when I walked in the door, she started laughing. "Your jacket," she said, pointing to my brand new matte-black Athleta body-hugging jacket with fuzzy lining - "I bought the exact same one!"

Go figure...some things are just sister-deep. :)

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